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Stunning Stresa

You’ll capture all the beauty, elegance and freshness of Lake Maggiore during Stresa holidays, with the beautiful town set on the shores of the idyllic lake, boasting a stunning waterfront which has proven to be a playground for artists of bygone eras. Much of the appeal found in breaks in Stresa is centred around Lake Maggiore, whether by strolling around its shores in the sunshine, dining beside its lapping waters in the evening, or getting out on the lake on a boat trip.

If you can turn your back on the beauty of the lake for a day or two during your holidays to Stresa, you’ll discover far more alluring aspects to this wonderful little town. You’ll discover much culture and history around the cobbled streets of the town’s old centre, while offshore islands hold even more treats and treasures for culture vultures and nature lovers.

Absorb the Beauty of Lake Maggiore

The lakes of Italy are synonymous with glamour and sophistication, mostly attributed to the immense villas and properties dotted along the banks of the water’s edge, and throughout your holidays in Stresa, you’ll notice that the same theme is attributed to this town. Among the most impressive villas include Villa Ducale which was built in 1770, the stunning Villa Dell’Orto, built in 1900, and the beautiful Villa Pallavicino which now functions as a zoo. The Church of S. Ambrogio provides some more gravitas to the architectural theme of the town, while dipping into one of the local markets will see you mixing with the locals for the ultimate cultural experience.

The panoramas of Lake Maggiore will be one of the crowning memories from your time in Stresa, with the glistening waters and rolling hills in the distance, displaying a location of paradise. For even better views, head up the Mottarone Cable Car, offering unprecedented views of the lake and the surrounding landscapes. Those after a different sort of perspective on the area, head across the water to the idyllic Borromean Islands, comprising three tiny blocks of land, home to stunning gardens and grand houses.