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Tantalising Tejeda Holidays

A quaint and secluded village set high in the imposing peaks of the island of Gran Canaria, Tejeda holidays provide a wonderful escape for anyone hoping to immerse themselves in an authentic and unfettered corner of the island of Gran Canaria.

Perhaps ‘corner’ isn’t exactly the most appropriate word to use considering that Tejeda is essentially located at the very central point of the island of Gran Canaria, set amid impressive mountainous landscapes and rugged terrain. The peace and quiet here is much welcomed and easy to enjoy, ensuring an escape from the more bustling beach resorts and allowing a window into a traditional viewpoint of this beautiful Spanish island. While sun worshippers flock to the beaches, your holidays to Tejeda will instead be spent amid the stunning nature of the island, your own little paradisiacal setting which doesn’t demand the sun, sand and sea – although the sun wouldn’t be frowned upon.

The Heart of Gran Canaria

The village itself is the second smallest on the entire island, so you’d be forgiven for expecting a localised and traditional environment in which to base yourself. You’ll experience this amid the whitewashed buildings, inviting little trattorias and friendly inhabitants, but for many who flock to this village, it is the mountainous arena surrounding you which will demand the majority of your focus during your island escape.

Hiking is one of the top draws of inland Gran Canaria, so those who have packed their walking boots and sticks will find a limitless supply of trails to explore during their Tejeda holidays. Of all the walks, make sure you visit nearby Cruz de Tejeda, a beautifully-carved stone cross sat atop a mountain pass, towering over 1,500 metres above sea level. The views are worth it, even if your legs don’t agree.