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Tantalising Tolo

A beautiful and charming village that has gradually begun to be discovered by tourists, Tolo holidays will allow you to embrace all of the beauty, peace and relaxation of a remote village escape in Greece, blessed by the addition of a long and quiet beach upon which to lap up the sunshine. Once a fishing village on the pretty coast of the Peloponnese, Tolo has gradually developed and evolved into an appealing tourist destination, mainly flocked to for its wonderful beach.

If you can look beyond the coastal allure of Tolo however, you will discover much more to this quiet and hidden corner of Greece. There are countless archaeological sites dotted around the Peloponnese, allowing you to add a sense of history and culture to a typical beach break during your holidays to Toto.

Serene Beach Village

One of the most appealing and rewarding aspects of spending a break in Tolo is the quiet, friendly and authentic atmosphere that blesses the village. The localised ethos proves to be a wonderful experience for travellers looking to experience a typical Greek coastal village, with Tolo’s identity remaining despite recent tourism influx. Fish restaurants are a common theme throughout Tolo, reflecting the fishing heritage that the village emerged from. The charm of the locals is also infectious, greeting each day and each passer-by with smiles, whether you’re a local or a tourist on holidays in Toro.

The beach is the perfect spot for holidaying families, proving safe for kids and quiet and relaxing enough for mum and dad if they fancy catching some rays or some beauty sleep. The shallow water and fine sand make for a perfect swimming or sunbathing spot, reinforced further by the near year-round sunshine. If you need a little more hustle and bustle at some point during your trip, make sure you visit Ermioni, a bustling little port town which is very popular with tourists.