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Holidays to Venice

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Elected the world’s most beautiful city in 2016, Venice consists of 118 small islands connected by canals and bridges and situated in the Venetian Lagoon. But visitors who’ll choose Venice for their 2021 holidays will find it’s not just water the city is submerged in, but culture and history too.

Risen to popularity as a commercial centre in the 13th century and a fashion centre in the 14th, it became home to Tintoretto, Titian Vivaldi, and Monteverdi. Venice's contributions to European culture have touched a wide variety of fields throughout the years—artistic, architectural, musical, commercial, and theatrical, and its beauty has been celebrated in works such as The Merchant of Venice, Volpone, and Candide.

Your guide to Venice holidays

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Top attractions

Top attractions

The first stop, once arrived in Venice, is St Mark’s Square. Also known as “the drawing room of Europe,” St Mark’s Square’s most important sight is its church, St Mark’s Cathedral—a luxuriously decorated building occupied by gold ground mosaics. Though decorations have changed over time, its marble columns, marble arches, and statues, have remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries, as have its famous 8000 square meters of golden mosaic displaying the history of the relics of Saint Mark.

From St Mark's Cathedral it’s easy to reach the Doge’s Palace. Once the residence of the Doge of Venice, the Doge’s Palace is one of the most characteristic monuments in Venice. Constructed in 1340, it overlooks the lagoon and has been converted into a visitable museum since 1923.

In the north-side of St Mark’s Square sits The Clock Tower, a 15th century building visitable through pre-booked tours. The inside stairs leading to the terrace showcase the clock’s mechanism which was last altered in 2006, five hundred years after the tower’s completion.



If you’re looking to enjoy a day at the beach during your holiday in Venice, you will find themselves with a number of options at your disposal. By hopping on a ferry, you’ll reach the cheap, quiet, and relaxing Alberoni, ideal for families and tourists wanting to spend some time away from the crowd sin the Venetian centre.

About an hour away from Venice is Rosolina beach, an 8km long expanse of sand usually quiet and uncrowded and accessible by bus from the Marco Polo Airport.

For a unique beach experience head for Albarella beach. Sitting on a private island surrounded by nature, Albarella beach offers clean, shallow waters, a variety of play areas with children-friendly activities, and outdoors thrills for every age. With its variety of excursions and entertainments, it is a particular favourite among children and families.

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Venice weather
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