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Vibrant Viareggio

A wonderfully engrossing resort, famed for its mesmerising Mardi Gras Carnevale, embarking on Viareggio holidays will not only see you embracing the party spirit of Italy, but you’ll also find yourself surrounded by everything from attractive architectural gems to alluring coastal treats. Numerous beach clubs flank the waterfront, giving an exclusive and stylistic vibe to the coastal arena of Viareggio, all ready for you to indulge in.

But if you move away from the coast during your holidays in Viareggio, you’ll discover there is plenty more to this energetic city of Italy than beaches and water sports. The city centre is a maze of Art Nouveau, dotted with little museums, grand houses and villas, transporting holidaymakers to a bygone era of sophistication and luxury that went a long way to characterising this area of Tuscany.

Discover Viareggio

Of all the attractions on offer to you during your holidays to Viareggio, if you can drop into the city during the famed carnival, you’ll be treated to an unprecedented party atmosphere that has blessed this city for over 150 years. The colours of the floats and masks define this event, something perhaps only matched in its flamboyance by the city of Venice. You can experience more of this theatricality and vibrancy by wandering the streets of the city centre, surrounded by grand hotels and attractive Liberty-style buildings.

The Marina of Lucca is a great place to explore, blessed by some great eateries and bars, and backed by the impressive and imposing structure that is the Torre Matilda, peering out over the water. The city, and its surrounding area, is the location for numerous extravagant villas, the most impressive of which is Villa Borbone, located just outside of the city. You should also pay a visit to Villa Orlandi and Villa Puccini and its adjoining museum, especially if you’re interested in the city’s glamorous heyday. For those seeking a change of scenery, the countryside surrounding the city is defined by beautiful rolling hills and charming farm houses, providing the perfect arena for some exploration by foot, while for more coastal joys, pay a visit to the nearby town of La Spezia, famed for its colourful architecture.