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Introducing Winter Sun Deals

Winter in Ireland... the mornings are getting harder and harder to tackle, your face seems fixed in a permanent frown, and the hot water bottle has become a close friend of late - plus your Vitamin D levels have been severely lacking. If only there was another way... Well, now there is! While away those winter blues and become reacquainted with the old you with one of our incredible winter break offers. A well-needed fix of winter sun and respite from the unpredictable Irish weather is just a couple of clicks away!

A firm favourite with Irish backpackers during the summer months, why not take advantage of the seasonal downtime and visit Thailand during the winter to avoid swathes of revellers? Offering incredible exotic cuisine, world famous hospitality, and a seriously low cost of living (meaning your euro stretches even further), you’ll soon realise why Thailand is called ‘The Land of Smiles’.  From the awe inspiring scenery of Phuket and Phi Phi and the landlocked North’s rich forestry, to the big city hustle and bustle of Bangkok, it truly holds the best of everything. Of course, when a country has so much to offer, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide how best to spend your precious time and holiday savings. So whether you prefer to relax by gold spiralled Buddhist temples and hidden coves, or simply drink in the downright crazy atmosphere of Bangkok, we’re sure to find the Winter break for you.

Top 5 reasons to visit Cape Verde this winter

Cape Verde is a string of 10 beautiful islands in the Atlantic, about 350 miles from the coast of Africa. Still relatively undiscovered, these islands offer a magical combination of unspoilt beaches, stunning landscapes and a unique fusion of African, Portuguese and Creole cultures. Temperatures remain in the 20s all ...

Which Cape Verde island is for you?

So, you’re thinking of heading to Cape Verde (officially called Cabo Verde) for your holidays but can’t work out which island to choose? We’ve put the three most popular of the islands – Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago – head-to-head so you can decide which one is for you!

Where is hot in November?

As the winter days grow shorter, you’re probably thinking longingly of a break somewhere warm and sunny. So, where is hot in November? We’ve come up with a list of top 10 destinations offering balmy temperatures and lots of sunshine in November. From Spain to Cape Verde, and ...

Top Attractions

Perhaps you’re in the market for a sorely needed city break? Barcelona remains a firm favourite with the weekend break crowd for its heady mixture of incredible culture, gourmet cuisine, and the option of a Mediterranean-style beach to rest those aching feet. With the world-renowned Picasso museum, Gaudi’s masterpieces La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, along with numerous other architectural delights to be found in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona will sate the appetite of even the most voracious culture vultures. All before you tuck into some mouth-watering tapas and rioja and party the night away on Las Ramblas! Winters are somewhat cooler in Spain but there’s still a glorious amount of sun, so you’ll still be the envy of the office, don’t worry…

Don’t Miss

Cut off from trade with the USA, and a number of other countries as a result of the embargo, Cuba can seem like a portal to the past with its abundance of classic cars cruising down the street, and old-timey shacks and taverns. Rich in culture and with a decidedly slower pace of life that hasn’t changed much since the sixties, Cuba is the perfect winter retreat for those wishing to escape modern life! Havana is a place that moves to the rhythm of its native Son music, popularised in the west by the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. There’s truly nothing like soaking up some of the local music and atmosphere in the local bars and taverns, sipping rum cocktails while the sun sets in the distance, before busting out a few salsa moves to dance the night away. Book your unmissable Latin-flavoured getaway with us today!